What can you say about Rome, except all roads lead to Rome.  If you have never been to Rome, make it one of your bucket lists items.  You will love it, enjoy the vivacious people, the history, and of course the food and the wine.  Bring your camera there is much to photograph.

The Highlands

The Highlands of Scotland is another place that one should visit.  The beauty of the lakes and the mountains.  The mystery and magic of the castles, stones and moors are not to be missed. The people are friendly and travel in the Highlands is easy, except be very aware of the rotaries, there is a protocol.


Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland is a very interesting city.  You can travel on the Royal Way, a one mile road that goes from the Edinburgh Castle down to the Holyrood Palace.  The queen stays at Holyrood whenever she visits Scotland.  Great city to walk around and to enjoy the pubs.

Calendimaggio - Assisi

In the old medieval time, the town of Assisi was divided in two parts called the upper (sopra) and lower (sotto) by the opposite parties. Even though the two parties reached an agreement in the beginning of spring, then the battles unexpectedly started again. This has been replaced with competitive dramas and dances of Calendimaggio.

Photography is fun

I have established a website to share my photos with friends and families.  Photography is a good for a creative experience.  It is amazing that what you see will give you an idea of what pleases you.  For me it is scenery, historic sites, travel and antique car shows.

Using a digital camera has made it much easier.  You can take hundreds of photos and only use 10 to 20 shots.  Making books of photos is also an enjoyment for me.


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